Put Your Mind At Ease!

Don’t have your accounting set up? Need a start fresh? Not sure you set it up correctly? No problem! We've got you covered

What's Xero Quickstart

We get rolling with Xero small business accounting, help you add us as an advisor to your account, and ensure your bank and credit card accounts are properly importing into Xero.

FREE? Free as in "free beer"?

Diverse Community Partners is serious about helping small businesses avoid expensive mistakes. One way we do this is to help business owners correctly set up the basics in their Xero accounting software. We offer that as Xero Quickstart and it's totally free.

30 Day Free Trial of Xero

Haven't started with Xero yet? Great!
If you haven't started with Xero yet, great! You're entitled to a 30 Day Free Trial of Xero. We can set this up for you or you can sign up yourself and add as an Advisor. If you plan to use our bookkeeping or tax services, you might want to talk to us before you sign up. We can bundle it all into a single bill.
Xero Screenshots
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We're Very Xero Savvy!
Cloud Accounting... We've been doing it for 15 years!
We were early adopters of cloud accounting technologies. We saw small and growing businesses were going to need them in order to reduce overhead and keep up with the pace of business.
"Sexy" Accounting Software?
Well... yes
Yes, we said it. Xero calls itself "Beautiful Accounting Software." To an accountant, that translates to sexy. Maybe that makes us accounting nerds but hey... we're YOUR accounting nerds! What matters is that Xero works just as well on PC or Mac and does so while looking modern and unintimidating.
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New to Accounting?
If you're new to accounting, please carve out 20 minutes to watch this Basic Bookkeeping video. We don't expect you to become an expert - that's what we're here for - but hearing the terms you'll see in Xero and understanding the basics of what they mean will help you be functional in your own accounting system.
Basic Bookkeeping Overview
Accounting 101 For the Startup Business