Income Tax – Protection Plus


pp_footer_logoMany clients have incurred some Income Tax issue(s) that they need assistance with. “I am excited to be offering Protection Plus to you this tax season. Protection Plus is the leading provider of audit assistance and identity theft restoration services in the tax industry. For a onetime fee of $98.95 at the time of tax preparation, their experienced professionals will provide a full year of identity theft restoration services and assist you if you receive a letter from the IRS. The audit assistance will provide coverage on your 2015 federal tax return, and the identity theft restoration services provide assistance in the event of stolen credit cards, compromised bank accounts, fraudulent tax returns, or other identity theft incidents. I am recommending that all of my clients purchase Protection Plus this year.” This way you can get the assistance needed. I am still willing to be available but this way can ensure there is a designated team addressing your audit issues.