Diversity Talks – Networking Live on Diversity Talks August 18, 2011

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Business networking is a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like-minded businesspeople recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities. A business network is a type of social network whose reason for existing is business activity. There are several prominent business networking organizations that create models of networking activity that, when followed, allow the business person to build new business relationships and generate business opportunities at the same time. A professional network service is an implementation of information technology in support of business networking. Many businesspeople contend business networking is a more cost-effective method of generating new business than advertising or public relations efforts. This is because business networking is a low-cost activity that involves more personal commitment than company money.Source: http://en.wikipedia.org

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Sherry Anshara

Cheryl A. Pullins, CPC

Sherry Anshara is founder of the QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness and the Blended Healthcare Consortium in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is the author of two books, a meditation CD, and featured writer in local and national publications. She hosted a global weekly program, Conscious Healing with Sherry Anshara on www.achieveradio.com until last year.

As a business and lifestyle solutions expert, Cheryl Pullins is dedicated to helping women grow their business by using her passion to teach women entrepreneurs how to leverage resources and lay the foundation which builds a business that creates wealth, provides freedom and gives them the opportunity to impact the lives of others around the world.