We are going paperless and so are YOU! Sent Out Newsletter (08.04.2020)


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 “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford 
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Front Desk Administrator

Since joining Diverse Community Partners Inc I have learned so much. I look forward to what the future holds for myself and our clients. – Luz Jatip
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Bookkeeper/Accounting Clerk

It gives me great pride to use my skills to help our clients prosper financially. – Michelle Brotherton
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Wow, can you believe its already August 2020?  We have had to accept and adapt to so much change. Each of us are learning to navigate through the ever changing and unprecedented circumstances that now are the makeup of our daily lives.  Many of us have different viewpoints stemming from the pandemic but we all can agree, we want to be SAFE

We want to remain protected, while keeping some sort of normalcy. One of many positive antidotes is investing into ourselves, family and our business.  When it comes to our safety, political party should no longer be significant.  Hopefully, our main purpose is to Continue LIVING, which gives us a reason to CARE!

Many businesses have enhanced their safety precautions, which we at Diverse Community Partners, Inc, are not exempt and embrace.  We have implemented procedures to promote a safe working environment, which includes wearing facemasks, sanitizing the office and requiring visitors to go through our check in process.  

Prior to COVID, we at Diverse Community Partners, Inc., were promoting virtual meetings and the usage of our secured client portal. Initially, virtual meetings were convenient for our out of state clients.  With the increasing numbers of positive cases in our community, we are requesting clients to schedule virtual meetings and use the secured client’s portal.  Please remember, DO NOT TEXT personal information such as bank card, passwords and any sensitive information. Please use the portal.  

Secured Client Portal:  We pay for storage space used via the client portal.  In previous years, after tax season we deleted all client’s profiles.  At the end of August 2020, you will receive an invitation to set up your account.  We are asking that you please make use of the client portal to share sensitive information.  

Going forward, we will NO longer provide Income Tax Binders, which includes a paper copy of your tax returns and financial statements.  We want to start sending and sharing your information via the CLOUD.  Currently, we are using Dropbox.  We are sensitive to the fact that a few of our clients are uncomfortable moving away from hard copy and using a digital platform, we can discuss your options individually.  While we are sensitive to reluctance, virtual documents, and data storage platforms are more secure and are the way of the future.  We are asking that you create a Dropbox – Click here to create a FREE account.
Steps needed when you create your Dropbox account
Create a Folder with the following name:
Mr. and Mrs.  John Doe & Diverse Community Partners Inc.
Company name & Diverse Community Partners, Inc. 
       We will format and create subfolders per year.  
Please create the folder, as stated above.  The reason for this change is that we can sort client’s folders in alphabetical order.  Then share the folder(s) with the office via email invitation [joyce@joycesaintcyr.com]. The added security this provides, eliminating multiple emails with sensitive information, also streamlines the document services most of you need from DCP. As stated, going forward, we will save your documents (Tax Returns, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger, Journal Entries and Trail Balance), Everything that has currently been in your binder, will be in your binder in drobox.  We will not save these documents in the secured portal due to the limitations of storage space. Your stored documents in a secured location in drobox can be accessed by you and printed at any time you need them    

We are investigating other options towards enhancing our clients’ experience, which we will share at a later date.  

There are many lessons we have learned from COVID19 and the global impact it has had on all of us personally, professionally and financially:
1.     Business Owners need to have an adequate payroll [remember we charge a FLAT rate of $135 per month up to 10 people.]
2.     Business owners need to establish a retirement plan [SEP. company 401k].  We practice what we preach, we transitioned from a SEP to a company 401K plan.  Previously we shared one of our partners Mr. Devonte Ivory – Click here for his profile. We are not saying to leave your current advisor but let’s have a REAL discussion of your options. 
3.     Last Will and Testament – We all need to have a Last Will and Testament. There is NO reason to pay high legal fee.  You can sign up for Legal Shield.  One of the many benefits they provide is to draft and record a legal last will and testament with, ability to revised it yearly.   – This is a NO BRAINER – Click Here for details
4.     If you have received a PPP loan, mid-years Tax Forecast are essential $175.  The midyear income tax projection allows us to create a preliminary forecast of your 2020 income tax liability.  
5.     Be prepared for a predicted second outbreak of Corona Virus cases and additional restrictions from our local, state, and federal governments. We are all fervently hoping that will not be the case, however, do you have a disaster recovery plan? If not, let’s get it done.  Are you on payroll or processing a significant amount for yourself? If not, review your company income and ensure your payroll makes sense. 
6.     PPP – Please make sure you are spending the funds based upon the PPP requirements

Diverse Community Partners, Inc. Virtual Holiday Party

This was the year…we were planning our formal holiday party.  Due to the pandemic, we do not want to put anyone at risk by attending a large social gathering.  Therefore, our holiday party will be virtual.   We have scheduled our year end event on December 4th (7:00pm to 9:00pm) OR December 5th (11:00am to 1:00 pm or 5:00 to 7:00pm).  You will receive a survey asking your preferred time and other significant inquires.  The most preferred event date and time will be selected.  

You will receive a gift box in the mail prior to the event.  Please DO NOT OPEN THE BOX, until the day of the event.  Knowing me, we are going to have a BLAST! (yes, we can virtually!!)   We ask, please RSVP to ensure we have an accurate number of participants. 

We are offering two sponsor opportunities, if interested in the details please email me accordingly.  

Thank you for your time, and let continue to support one another.

Joyce Saint Cyr
Principal Accountant
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COVID – Tax Impacts
Many of us own a business and have applied for various funding opportunities.  Please remember, the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) deadline to submit a request for forgiveness has been moved – Click Here To Read More
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