Diversity Talk – June 9 2011 FaceBook Strategies

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Social Media is growing. Have you asked how it affects you? Do you think social media affects you? Social media applications are forever changing. How familiar are you with these changes?

Social Media Can Help You Build Your Brand

No matter what type of business you are in, it’s virtually impossible to go a day without hearing something about social networking in general and the largest social network of them all, Facebook, specifically. A big reason Facebook has become so commonplace is that small businesses just like yours have jumped on the social networking bandwagon and are now actively spending time and money on building a community around their products and services.

Wondering why you too should join in the social networking exodus? Join me and Joy Bing in our discussion about FaceBook Strategies.
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Joy Bing

Guest: Joy Bing Fleming, MBA, CC earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Clemson University, and she went on to earn her MBA from Winthrop University. She worked in Corporate America for 5 years, but was unfulfilled. She wanted a career that she was passionate about – a career that would make her feel alive, fulfilled, and happy. So, she left Corporate America in 2001 and started on this journey. Today, Joy is a leading authority on personal development, social media, and online marketing strategies. Her clients consider her results oriented, tenacious, and passionate because of her social media system that provides individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners with the network and visibility to turn their passion into profits. As a result of Joy’s social media networking strategies, she appeared on the National TV show, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, on HLN. She’s also been recognized on various radio shows and webinars. She is focused on helping individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners monetize their passion and get the results of their dreams.