Diversity Talks – June 2, 2011 Finance – How do you have the money to start a business?

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I want to start a business. Where do I start? Everything starts with MONEY.

What is business finance? How do i create-build business credit?
Are these questions you ask yourself?
Come join us in the discussion?

Weather you have a business or not? You should join this show.

Finance (pronounced /fɪˈnænts/ or / ˈfaɪnænts/) is the science of funds management. The general areas of finance are business finance, personal finance(private finance), and public finance. Finance includes saving money and often includes lending money. The field of finance deals with the concepts of time, money, risk and how they are interrelated. It also deals with how money is spent and budgeted.

One facet of finance is through individuals and business organizations, which deposit money in a bank. The bank then lends the money out to other individuals or corporations for consumption or investment and charges interest on the loans.
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