Diverse Community Partners, Inc is a Xero Silver Partner Image

Xero Certified Gold Partner

You deserve the best expert advice. Diverse Community Partners is at the top of its class.
Our job is to act as your trusted source of accounting and bookkeeping advice and services.

What it means to be a Xero Gold Partner…

...and how our Xero Gold partner status can benefit you.

We’re confident Xero needs no introduction, but just in case you haven't been in the business accounting market for the past few years, Xero is the fastest growing cloud based accounting software in the world… connecting people with the right numbers anytime, on any device, anywhere the internet reaches (even on boats and airplanes).
Like most cloud based accounting packages, Xero allows you access to real time reports, balances, etc. Real time figures are your secret weapon, your business partner, and your best friend. Real time figures can mean the difference between staying above the line or sinking below, fast.

This realtime, instant access provided by cloud based accounting software gives you the very best chance of success. So what does it mean to be a Xero Gold Partner and how can it benefit you?

Xero partner firms, like Diverse Community Partners, are classified under Xero's partner program according to a points system. The status levels reflect the number of clients a partner has using Xero and the partner's commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest features and accounting best practices within Xero.

Xero Gold Status also reflects our level of experience with our customers using Xero. It’s an achievement of which we are intensely proud.

As Gold Partners with Xero, we’re able to use our status to help more small and medium businesses, in a more in-depth way, as our Xero expertise deepens. It means that we can get your business setup on Xero easily and efficiently, provide you with training and ongoing support with a programme designed to both simplify and add value to your business.

Highest Level of Xero Expertise

You can be certain that we have the very best level of knowledge and experience to help you get the most from this cutting edge, revolutionary software. We work in partnership with Xero to ensure you have the most up to date advice, information on government legislative and taxation changes, upgrades and software updates.
Say goodbye to that pesky paperwork and version upgrades, maintenance, system administration costs and server failures.
Bottom Line Value

As Gold Partners, we also bring bigger cost savings to your bottom line. We’re able to pass on a subscription cost discounts to our our business clients on Xero Business Plans who are also bookkeeping, accounting and payroll clients.

Being a Xero Gold Partner also allows us to serve our Xero clients quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Are You App-y?
Xero has an incredible range of add-on software apps in the Xero Add-on Partners network. They include a variety of CRM’s (Customer Relationships Manager), Transport, Logistics, Inventory, Receipt Bank, Scheduling, Cash Flow Forecasting apps and many more.
As your pro-active accountant, we understand your business and we have a solid business model in place for growth and success. Add value to your business by fast-tracking and simplifying your business processes. We can help by advising, implementing and integrating these apps with Xero to really take your business to the next level.
Go Anywhere: Your Business Will Follow
Whether you're processing your payroll from a condo on North Myrtle Beach, or checking in on your banking or invoicing, managing inventory and scheduling meetings from the ski slopes of Aspen, your business will follow you anywhere you have a working internet connection. No matter where you roam, we'll still be here to support your business and Xero will make it all possible.
In Summary...

As Xero Gold Partners we can help in all aspects of Xero implementation for your business.

We can:
  • help you get setup in Xero
  • assist you in migration of your data and setup of cloud applications
  • provide training in using the software
  • guide you in how to use the functions in Xero to better understand how your business is performing; and
  • advise you of the range of Xero add-ons that may benefit and add value to your business
Most importantly, we can help you avoid and spot mistakes before they become *expensive* mistakes!