Are my Social Security benefits taxable?

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Up to 85% of Social Security benefits can be taxed. Whether your benefits will be taxed depends upon your total income from both taxable and tax-exempt sources. Once your total income reaches $25,000 ($32,000 for married couples), a portion of … Read More

Junk Bonds


Junk Bonds are debt securities issued by companies with higher than normal credit risk. Considered “non-investment grade” bonds, these SECURITIES ordinarily yield a higher rate of interest to compensate for the additional risk.

Tax Planning 101


LIFO is an accounting method of valuing inventory under which the costs of the last goods acquired are the first costs charged to expense.

Municipal Bond Interest

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Municipal bond interest is federal tax-free. This includes bonds issued by a state or municipality. The tax-free benefit increases the higher your income, but caution must be taken to ensure the underlying municipality is not in dire financial condition.

What is depreciation?

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Fast Fact: Depreciation measures how much value an asset loses over time. A classic example is the depreciation of a company vehicle. Each year, the vehicle decreases in value. The process of lowering an asset value is depreciation.

IRS Hires 4,000 Customer Service Representatives

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The IRS announced progress to prepare for the 2023 tax filing season as the agency passed a milestone of hiring 4,000 customer service representatives to help answer phones & other services. #taxeducation #taxes #tax #taxseason #nstp #taxrefund #taxrefunds

Running a Business 101

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Having a business plan is necessary for survival in today’s competitive business environment. A written business plan is as essential for a small business as it is for large corporations. A good business plan will help you focus on current … Read More

Student Loan Relief

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Student loan relief is available to help millions of student loan borrowers, including 20 million student loan borrowers who will have all their federal student loans canceled. #taxeducation #taxes #tax #taxseason #nstp #taxrefund #taxrefunds #taxreturns

What is Accelerate Depreciation?

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Accelerate Depreciation is a method that records greater depreciation than straight-line depreciation in the early years and less depreciation than straight-line in the later years of an asset’s holding period.

“Quick Tip” The Effective Tax Rate

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This is the tax rate you actually pay. It is the total taxes paid divided by your total taxable income. Said another way, after taking your income and then applying for taxes, deductions, credits, exemptions, and other adjustments, you are … Read More