Small Business Marketing Checklist For 2016


As we enter 2016, there are some major changes you need to be preparing for. Social networks like Periscope and Snapchat have become platforms you must learn how to market on. As if new mobile apps aren’t hard enough to keep up with, virtual reality is now an entirely new platform that marketers will need to learn how to take advantage of. On track to hit a $150 billion market, failing to take advantage of things like virtual reality may put you in jeopardy down the line.
As we approach 2016, many of us will be scared of these new marketing trends that we will have to adjust to. Have no fear; your go to marketing checklist is here.
These are the top things to make sure you have taken into account as you look to market your small business in 2016.

  1. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Now, more than ever, people are on their phones. According to Sujan Patel, “There are officially more searches on mobile than desktops or other devices, and Google has
responded accordingly.”
What this means for your small business is that you need to make sure your website is mobile friendly. No longer can you survive in today’s market place without a site your customers can see from their phone.
According to Ali Benmoussa, co-founder and CEO of Searchub, “Small businesses are becoming technology savvy and pretty much all of them are getting e-commerce websites.”
No longer can your company keep up with competition just by having a website. In 2016, small businesses will have to be mobile or die quickly.

  1. Focus On Content

In 2015, we saw more and more businesses jump into the content marketing traction channel. The strategy wasn’t just limited to blogging, small businesses utilized social networks and educational email campaigns to provide valuable content to potential customers.
Throughout 2015, we saw a huge shift in importance in terms of inbound marketing. In a previous piece for Inc., I cover how to improve your inbound marketing. In previous years, you could use a marketing strategy where inbound marketing was secondary to outbound. In 2016, that can no longer be the case.

  1. Realize the day of the salesman is dying

Relationship marketing is going to be one of the fastest growing trends we see in 2016. Yelp’s, Uber’s, and Airbnb’s review systems have changed the way people look to do business with each other and companies.
Trust is built more on reliable reviews than ever before, and no longer will a fancy sales pitch close deals. Focusing on quick wins won’t work in 2016.
Instead, think about how you can go the extra mile for your existing client base this next year. With all the review tools out there, it’ll never be easier for a happy customer to let others know about the amazing relationship they have with your business.
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By AJ Agrawal
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